Bill La Brie Photography: Blog en-us (C) Bill La Brie Photography [email protected] (Bill La Brie Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:14:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:14:00 GMT Bill La Brie Photography: Blog 96 120 Eastern High Sierra, Ca. This October I went to the eastern side of the High Sierra Ca. to the Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, Mono Lake area for the fall color that happens every year. A usual I wasn't let down, colors were really beautiful and I never get tired of  photographing trees in fall color.  Even though the temps this year were a bit warmer then usual colors were nice.  Its always sort of a guess as to when the colors will be at their peak its not an exact call as to when.  Can't say which area was my favorite this year but Bishop Creek is always one of them. 

We had a little weather system come through mid week when we were in Mammoth and got a nice dusting of snow, the Sierra's always look so dynamic after a snow storm. The wind was really strong during the night and some area's that had nice colored leaves had none the next day, but still the aspens are beautiful even when they have lost their leaves. Temps were colder then previous days but expected to go up the next days to come. We went by Mono Lake and up Lee Vining Canyon and Lundy Lake then on to Virginia Lakes, the view at Conway Summit  for me was great and I got this image . Even though it was 34 degrees and a nice wind chill and I got my image. All in all it was a  nice adventure, even though it was not long enough I always like getting out searching for images.  Fall Conway Summit High Sierra, CaFall Conway Summit High Sierra, CaConway Summit, High Sierra, Ca  

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New gallery space I have moved my gallery to a studio in Cambria, I have great prices on existing images and new ones as well.

New Address is 2421 Unit  A Village Lane, Cambria, Ca 93428

phone 805-927-1681 or me direct 805-470-0631

Look forward to hearing from you

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Storm Surf Cambria.Ca This week in Cambria we had large waves from weather in Alaska. This is the time of year that we get giant surf, sometimes 20 foot waves pound the coast. The energy from the big surf always gets me stirred up to get out and photograph them. It doesn't matter how many times I've gone out photographing them its always like the first time I ever saw big waves. Since every wave is totally different than the one before it I can spend the day photographing them. The best images of the coast are always from October to June, big surf and clouds rolling in from storms in Alaska create drama. SEAL  ROCKSEAL ROCK CAYUCUS WAVECAYUCUS WAVE BIG DAY CAMBRIA,CABIG DAY CAMBRIA,CA

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Adventure in Zion National Park CANYON TREECANYON TREE PATRIARCH MORNINGPATRIARCH MORNING Got some time to go to Zion National Park the 2nd week of November with fellow photographers Ken Meyers, Charlie Litton and Chuck Farmer, fall color was pretty god but not the best I have seen in the past.  Only had a few days to photograph, did spent one day hiking in the Narrows which is always really great, the sky was overcast so light in the canyon was  flat making images hard to come by. One day was good with clouds which always helps for some drama, and the colors are always nice and saturated. Its always nice to be in Zion even if I don't take one picture its just so peaceful to be there. I'm putting up a few images.  VIRGIN RIVER MORNINGVIRGIN RIVER MORNING

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High Sierra Sunrise Moonset Went to do some day hiking and of course get some nice images in the Eastern Sierra recently with my long time photo friend Jay Schuff. The plan was to hike out of Sabrina Basin one day then move on to Rock Creek to hike to Little Lakes Basin for the day. On my way through Lone Pine the clouds were really great over the Sierra but looking north towards Bishop looked pretty socked in. My friend coming from Tahoe told me it was raining hard in Bishop not looking good for afternoon images. We decided to meet in Lone Pine and camp in the Alabama Hills, where the clouds were dramatic . We spent the afternoon and sunset photographing the changing sky. The full moon was coming up late but was setting in the morning around sunrise.  I got up looked out my tent door and saw a beautiful sunrise over Mt Whitney and the moon setting, I quickly set my camera up and got this nice image, which I now have as a 20x40 print in my gallery. It goes to show that plans can change and the luck of photography can be good. The rest of the trip was uneventful but I'm happy with this one image.  MOON SET ALABAMA HILLS LONE PINE ,CAMOON SET ALABAMA HILLS LONE PINE ,CA

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Wildflower season PACIFIC VALLEY BIG SUR, CAPACIFIC VALLEY BIG SUR, CA Well the wildflowers are out, we all thought that because of the drought it would be a bad wildflower season,  it seems that the lupine and poppies feel different about it. I'm starting to see some good lupine and poppy fields and  hoping they get better.  The Santa Lucia mts on the coast are starting to look pretty colorful. Lets hope it gets better. I will post any images I feel live up to it.

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ITS ALL ABOUT THE LIGHT SMOKEY MTS, TENN.SMOKEY MTS, TENN.  Welcome to my new site I hope you enjoy it. I have more images than my old site and look forward to letting you know when I have new images. Also I'll  let you know about any photo adventures I've been on.





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